Noted Constitutionalist to Address Next RCCPBC Meeting-May 5th

Constitutional Roadmap – Are We On Track?



April 15, 2011 Atlantis  – Adherence to the architecture of the Constitution as envisioned by the Founding Fathers receives a lot of lip service these days, but how many of those advocates truly know their way through the labyrinth of Articles and Sections as constructed in infant America, 224 years ago? Jupiter resident Francisco Rodriguez, Board Member of the Palm Beach-based Constitution Committee of the United States and James Madison Institute Advisor, will shed light on many of these circuitous highways and byways at the next meeting of PBC’s Republican Central Club on Thursday, May 5th, at 6:00 pm at 190 Atlantis Ave.

His talk is entitled, “A Roadmap Through the Constitution – Are Our 2010 Elected Officials Following It?” Rodriguez views our country’s guiding document as a plumb line for maintaining  local, state, and national governing policies in a straight line. To participate in this most stimulating evening, please contact Central Palm Beach County Republican Club President Tami Donnally at 561-602-3777. Learn to navigate through this most amazing maze.

New Members for April

The Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County continues to grow in number.  This month we are pleased to add new members:

Michael A. Barnett, William Harsh, Pamela S. Wohlschlegel, (not pictured)and Christina Beattie (not pictured).  Welcome!

Kebreau Dazzles Local GOP With Uncovered History

April 14, 2011, Atlantis – Promising a scintillating sixty minutes from the onset, April’s PBC Central Club guest speaker Frantz Kebreau did not disappoint, and how. The National Director of the NAACPAC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of All Colors) riveted a throng of listeners with gems of American history, capriciously stolen, long concealed, and intentionally banned from newspapers and school textbooks. Their luster either highlighted long-accepted misconceptions on racism, or illuminated long-repressed Republican virtues while tarnishing misbegotten Democratic accolades.
Kebreau’s shower of meteoric revelations included:

• Early slave codes were based on religion and faith, not skin color. The first documented slave was owned by a black man.
• Anti-miscegenation laws reflected the early elite’s need to design a society palatable and and more importantly, controllable.
• Uncle Tom, of HB Stowe cabin fame, was no white man’s bootlicker but rather a courageous and devout Christian. He dies a martyr’s death in the internationally acclaimed book, yet his story is not taught in a single American classroom.
• The 1860 Republican Party Platform was built on a strict plank of anti-slavery. The Democratic agenda promoted wider bondage for an ever-expanding United States.
• The Constitutional Amendment outlawing Slavery – the 13th – was enacted by a Republican Congress and passed with 100% Republican support. Congressional Democratic support faltered at 23%
• When Mississippi’s elected officials returned to Washington in 1870, it was a black man, the Rev. Hiram Revels, that replaced Jefferson Davis in the Senate.
• The 14th Amendment, granting citizenship to freed slaves, garnered 94% Republican support in Congress to zero Democratic support.
• Democratic Progressive President Woodrow Wilson officially returned segregation to the Washington governmental workplace, where integration had been the norm.
• The Republican Party ended public discrimination in accommodations with passage of the 1875 Civil Rights Act. Tragically, it was overturned by the Supreme Court eight years later.
• And finally, in the history of American Civil Rights legislation, Republicans have voted yea 94% of the time to the Democrats 35%.

Kebreau pointed to a NY Times editorial from 1880 which noted that “America’s youth will grow into Republicans as long as the Civil War and Slavery linger in memory.” For the Democrats to circumvent this, he credited them with changing the nation’s textbooks, obliterating the Republicans’ role in Civil Rights, and deluding the masses in general, and the black community in particular, with revisionist storytelling.
This rising star in the GOP firmament makes no bones about his outrage over the continued Democratic theft of honor stolen from Abolitionists and Republicans. He lambasts the Progressive Left’s control of the educational system as injurious, and Obama’s Socialist philosophy an anathema. He is a comet on the move.