Hundreds Attend Redistricting Hearing At FAU

Club President Tami Donnally speaking at redistricting hearing

Re-districting Hearing Information

Redistricting Hearing Information

The Florida Legislature is holding an important redistricting hearing in Boca Raton on Tuesday, August 16 from 10 am – 1 pm at Florida Atlantic University – 777 Glades Road.  The legislative hearings offer the public a chance to make their ideas known on areas they believe could form a part of, or, an entire state house, state senate or congressional district.  Your participation is needed in this critical process

Redistricting Hearing Pointers
The reason legislative and congressional districts are redrawn every 10 years is to reflect the growth changes across the state and so each district has an equal population.  Under the new Constitutional amendments 5 and 6, districts are supposed to be drawn in a way that no incumbent or party is favored or disfavored.  Below are pointers that participants may want to consider in formulating their own testimony.
You may want to thank the Legislature for coming and listening to citizens first BEFORE producing maps. Also, you may want to thank the Legislature for an open and transparent process that allows citizens to draw their own maps and submit them online.

State city/area of residence, occupation (optional) and state years of residency in the area.  Some people will be affiliated with groups like the League of Women Voters, etc.  It is more than fine to just be an individual citizen speaking out.

Help identify like communities of interest/geographic areas that could form the basis of a district or part of a district or identify unique attributes of a given area that the Legislature must be keenly aware of. An example of this could include, but is by no means limited to: keeping coastal communities in Palm Beach County together is critically important because they comprise a community of interest with separate needs and concerns from the rest of Palm Beach County. Coastal communities must be kept together because their issues, such as property insurance and tourism, require these communities to have strong representation at the state and federal levels.

References to partisanship (Dems, Repubs, etc.) or incumbents is irrelevant since the passage of 5 and 6.

Your testimony is important regardless of whether it has been stated other speakers or contradicts preceding speakers.

Citizens speaking will NOT be questioned by anyone.   Speakers say what they want and depart.  Typically speakers have up to 3 – 5 minutes.

To secure an early speaking slot towards the beginning of the hearing, be sure to RSVP (CLICK HERE) and then arrive early at the hearing.

August Meeting Review


Challenges Snowball for GOP Central

August  5 – Midst a splendid dinner at the Knights of Columbus Hall in West Palm Beach on Thursday evening, guest speaker Ira Sabin, County GOP Treasurer, laid forth the immediate challenges confronting the Party faithful. “Increased cooperation between the County organization and our local Chapters will prove critical in getting our candidates elected in 2012. We will face a negative onslaught from the Democrats which will rank unprecedented, due to the high profile races in the area and the crucial importance of the State of Florida.” He explained the paramount need to enlist District Captains to canvass neighborhoods, and the amazing roles they historically had played in achieving victory.

     Sabin was followed by member Alison Rampersad, newly crowned Chair of the Palm Beach County Textbook Action Team. The veteran teacher revealed how the Citizens for National Security think tank had documented inroads made into Florida textbooks by the fundamentalist Council for Islamic Education, and the need to awaken the state’s Dept. of Education. “We have brought 31 of our 67 Counties on board to make changes in our American History textbooks, and are now framing a 401-C called “Eye on Education” to tackle the enormous shortcomings taking place in our children’s education. Did you know that next year pre-1865 American History will no longer be taught in our high schools?  We are even forming Legal and Political Committees.”

     Philip Brumel, President of the advocacy group US Term Limits, gave an update on efforts by two noted County Commissioners to defy the will of the voters and the law limiting office holders to eight years, while dad George announced that September’s guest speaker would be Mike McAlister, candidate for the GOP nomination to become Florida Senator. This next meeting will take place on Thursday, Sept. 1st , at the Atlantis Clubhouse at 6:30 pm.