March 1 Central Club Meeting

Former RCCPBC President Bill Skinner will speak on “Voter Fraud” at our next get-together, this Thursday, March 1, circa 6 p.m.  This subject has received inordinate national attention in recent days and you won’t want to miss Bill’s analysis.   We meet at Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Drive. For further information, call 561-602-3777.

Beyond the Local Elections – a Municipal Elections Forum

Inspiring Words from Ralph Reed

Faith and Freedom Foundation Founder Ralph Reed rallied the troops with an inspiring pep talk at Binks Golf Club. Jointly hosted by Palm West Republican Club, the Republican club of Central Palm Beach County, and the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches, the event was a good kickoff to election season in this very important year.

Club Presidents Janeen Capizola, Tami Donnally and Melissa Andrews respectively welcomed Ralph to Palm Beach County and GOP Chair Sid Dinerstein gave an interesting introduction of Mr. Reed, going back to their collaboration during the 2000 contested election in the county.

Ralph Reed is no stranger to south Florida, having grown up in Miami, and he gave good description of how important swing state Florida is to the outcome of the Presidential election. Touching on a number of issues, he particularly examined the recent administration salvo in the war on religion.

Although Barack Obama could very well repeat his win here as in 2008, there is a path to victory for the GOP if we all work together. In a break out session after the main event, he went into more detail about the technology that F&F is bringing to the table and what will be required to win the day.

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Thursday, February 2nd , 6:00 p.m, at the Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Drive in the City of Atlantis, from 6 PM to about 8 PM. After a social period the meeting begins at 6:30 PM. $12 Members, $15 non-members which includes a drink from the bar and nice hors d’oeuvres. Annual dues to join the club $25.

A repeat speaker by popular demand over several years is Larry Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education ( His subject at the February meeting, “The Difference One Can Make: Unsung Heroes of History” –are stories of incredibly inspiring but lesser known individuals whose courage and character teach volumes to all. Highly motivational program to get our troops ready for the fight leading to November. Check him out in a Fox interview: Next month we continue our series of talks with Repub candidates for US Senate: Craig Miller in March and George Lemieux in April; Connie Mack invited for May.

All Repubs and guests are invited. REC members in central county are especially encouraged to attend and join the club. We send this invitation all over to let everyone know that all Republicans are welcome to attend any regular meeting without making reservations –just show up. Snowbirds welcome!

Directions: Exit off of I-95 is Lantana Rd –go west to Congress Ave and turn north (right) –immediately get in the left lane and turn onto Atlantis Blvd. at the light –that is the main entrance to the city. Go past the guard house to the STOP sign and turn right onto Orange Tree Drive. The restaurant/club house is on your left at a sharp curve. There is also an entrance off of Military Tr.

Call with any questions or if you need help with the directions: club president Tami Donnally 561- 602-3777 or program chairman George Blumel 561-543-4971 Bring a fellow American who cares about his country and enjoy!

Larry Reed Reveals: One Undaunted Heart Can Make History

Reed Reveals: One Undaunted Heart Can Make History

February 4, Atlantis – Providing a welcome respite from the gravitas of election year politicking, Foundation for Economic Freedom President Larry Reed enthralled a Central Palm Beach County Republican Club crowd with Tales of Unsung Heroes at their most recent get-together. In a bid to re-emphasize the importance of character in the public arena and reinvigorate the value of virtue and high ideals in a jaundiced society, this globetrotting ambassador for freedom and individual enterprise lauded the lives of abolitionist champion Thomas Clarkson, prodigious hymn writer Fanny Crosby, and Holocaust children’s savior Nicholas Winston.

The first was a young man who won a prestigious British essay contest in 1784 on the inadmissibility and immorality of one human owning another. Not long after he decided to devote his life to the cessation of the slave trade, the abolition of slavery within the British Empire, and the improvement of the lot of the freed black man. The odds against him were stupendous. Yet starting with nothing, and then with a few Quakers, and then William Wilberforce, and indomitable courage, he prevailed over the course of a long life to achieve all three goals.

In stark contrast, American Fanny Crosby lived with a debilitating handicap for 95 years and yet viewed it as a blessing, going on to publish more than 9,000 hymns and volumes of poetry. This woman, who radiated sunshine despite being totally blind, personally knew every US President from John Quincy Adams to Woodrow Wilson, and most of them came to her home to pay homage. She was the first woman to address Congress and unabashedly praised her Christian faith as the pillar of her strength.

Reed’s last exemplar was his 102-year old friend Sir Nicholas Winton, who as a London stockbroker in 1938 happened to visit Prague, Czechoslovakia. At the insistence of a friend he toured the local refugee camps filled with Ostjuden, with parents pleading for a future for their kinder. Reacting with a vigorous letter and telegram campaign to scores of governments to accept Jewish children, with only Britain and Sweden replying positively, Winton managed by hook and by crook to smuggle 669 kids overseas to foster homes. With the Nazi menace all around him! Yet he hid this feat from his wife for 50 years before the BBC made it public in 1988. Winton claimed that anyone with a good heart would have done the same thing, but Queen Elizabeth didn’t exactly agree, knighting the humble Nicky Winton in 2002.

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An Evening with Ralph Reed