We host TAB’s Fred Scheibl at June 7th meeting

Fred Scheibl, of the PBC Taxpayer Action Board, will speak at our June 7th meeting, and bring us up to date on the County’s budget and related problems, which impact all of us. Check out http://pbctab.org/ First-time guests free. 6 p.m. at the Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Drive, in the City of Atlantis. Call 561-733-9277 for details.

Wisdom of Solomon Lambasts Lame Leadership


May 4, 2012, Atlantis – Noted author, lecturer, and former NYPD Investigator Michael Solomon spoke before the PBC Central Republican Club at their latest meeting, decrying the failures of the Obama presidency. The author of Where Did My America Go? and  Success By Default, and a born raconteur, spiced his criticisms with barbs of wit and poignancy.

“I dislike using the term Obama Administration. The verb to administer implies leadership, and there isn’t any…I’m calling on FEMA to declare 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a Disaster Area and for the EPA to clean it up…Our educational system has created a generation of imaginary winners: Everyone who loses also gets a trophy, no one fails class, and the Government spent $50 million to determine that purple is a softer color than red, so teachers won’t mark papers any longer in red ink…A Mexican woman temporarily working in the US, applied for a Tax Credit, and even though she hadn’t paid any taxes, since she had 13 children back in her home country, she received a check from the Gov’t for $14,000…If it weren’t for the double standard, the Liberals and the Democrats wouldn’t have any standards at all.”

The self-righteous mainstream media, the power-intoxicated ACLU, the patrician Obama Cabinet, and the arrogant insurance company regulators also came in for a pasting. Solomon stressed that the urgency to restore America’s stature, America’s respect, and America’s traditions has never been greater.

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The next Central Club meeting will take place on Thursday, June 7th.  No charge for first-time guests. For more information, contact Club Vice-President Steve Ledewitz at 561-733-9277. 


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