“Rather Than Under God, We’re Under Water”

Sept. 6, 2012, Atlantis – While the empty suit from the White House was preparing to deliver what Charles Krauthammer called “the emptiest acceptance speech I’ve ever heard,” Florida GOP Vice-Chairman Blaise Ingoglia was battering his failed Administration’s policies with verbal mortar shells before a packed house at the monthly GOP Republican Central Club meeting.

“Four major Federal Government developments under Obama have put this country under water rather than under God,” he stated. “The 16 trillion dollar deficit, the Gross National Debt, the interest on that debt, and the money that flows overseas to our enemies and foes. And hence, the critical importance of Florida as the most valuable swing state in the Electoral College.” Ingoglia elaborated that we could close down the Government in D.C. today and not spend a nickel and it would still take 438 years to pay off our obligations.

“Since the last year of Reagan’s presidency 24 years ago, the interest on our debt has cost $8 trillion. Under Obama, the CBO estimates it will cost $6 trillion in just the next decade. And in order to fund the Big Three Entitlements for the next 75 years, it will cost much more than the worth of all the assets of the entire United States. So this election becomes not the most important in our lifetimes, but the most important in our history! This election will determine the fabric and the nature of the American society for generations to come.”

“More than all the corporations combined, the unions contribute money to the Democrats and chart the national dialogue. Obama then uses the government to increase the number of people on the dole, (vouchers for Section 8 housing, vouchers for Food Stamps, etc), using our federal tax dollars to do it, and thereby makes them obliged to vote for him. While under Reagan only 19% of the citizenry didn’t pay taxes, under Obama that’s risen to 47%! They don’t have any skin in the game.”

The founder of the popular website Government Gone Wild implored the audience to get involved in the Romney-Ryan Campaign, and convince their Democratic friends that this is no longer the Party of JFK but an unrecognizable leftist version. He dangled the spectre of Obama appointing more Supreme Court Justices as a nightmare too frightful to behold.

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    The next Republican Central Club meeting will take place on Thursday, Oct. 4th.  No charge for first-time guests. For information, contact Club V-P Steve Ledewitz at 561-733-9277. 

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