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Early Voting – 2012 General Election
Saturday, October 27, 2012 through Saturday, November 3, 2012
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7:00 am – 7:00 pm Daily

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Demystifying the PBC Election Ballot

Oct. 4, 2012, Atlantis – While the pivotal presidential race screams for our attention, more mundane but potentially equally fateful contests appear on November’s Palm Beach County Ballot, to which many voters remain blissfully unapprised. To remedy those blind alleys, Taxpayers Action Board founder and all-around Good Samaritan Fred Scheibl reviewed the various measures before a packed house at the most recent GOP Central Club meeting.

“In addition to all the local personnel races requiring your consideration, from Representatives to Justices to Commissioners, there are 11 State Constitutional measures and two highly emotional County questions up for grabs,” he explained. “If you log on to www.southflorida912.org or to the Club’s website, www.rccpbc.com and then click on the South Florida 9-12 site under Links, you’ll see the rationale behind each of these contests and our civic organization’s “pocket picks”. Just to demonstrate how little attention gets paid to these legalese choices, in 2008 only one sixth of the voters made selections at the bottom of the ballot as compared to one hundred percent at the top.”

In rapid fire order, Scheibl reviewed the background, context, and selections proffered by South Florida 9-12. Here is a distilled list of their recommendations:

  • Retention of Florida Supreme Court Justices Lewis, Pariente, and Quince, Against.
  • Retention of Justices Conner and Taylor, For.
  • Amendment #1, Health Care Services, For.
  • Amendment #2, Veterans Tax Break, For.
  • Amendment #3, State Gov’t Revenue Limitation, For.
  • Amendment #4, Property Tax Limitations, Against
  • Amendment #5, State Courts, Against
  • Amendment #6, Prohibition of State Funds for Abortions, For.
  • Amendment #8, Religious Freedom, For.
  • Amendment #9, Homestead Tax Exemption Military Spouses, Against.
  • Amendment #10, Tangible Property Tax Exemption, For.
  • Amendment #11,  Additional Homestead Exemption for Certain Seniors, Against.
  • Amendment #12, Student Body Pres. to Bd. Of Gov., No Consensus.
  • PBC Question #1, Slot Machines at Licensed Pari-Mutual Facilities, No Consensus.  On this controversial issue, Mrs. Virginia Brooks spoke before the group in Opposition, and Mr. Mike Jones spoke in Advocacy. The former pointed out the many addictions and societal ills related to gambling, while the latter defended the Rooney Family’s civic activism as owners of the Kennel Club and the jobs and revenue passage would bring to the County.
  • PBC Question #2, Property Tax Exemptions for New and Expanding Businesses, For.

The next Republican Central Club meeting will take place on Thursday, Nov. 1st. Florida State Republican Committeeman Peter Feaman will discuss the current state of the Party and his latest book, The Next Nightmare. No charge for first-time guests. For information, contact Club V-P Steve Ledewitz at 561-733-9277.