Kevin Foley Provides Calm Before the Storm


Nov. 2, 2012, Atlantis – Former Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. White House Official Kevin Foley delighted Central Republican Club members with insights and stories into those Administrations, as a respite for relaxation prior to the coming turbulent Tuesday. The ex-Marine and longtime Advance Man/Planning Events impresario for the three presidents and other top officials regaled the audience with stories about the inner workings of the White House and Air Force One, and why Obama was so intent on covering up the 9/11 Benghazi Libya Affair.

The next Republican Central Club meeting will be our festive Holiday Special on Thursday, Dec. 6th, with special guest speaker, J. Christian Adams, former Justice Dept. official who resigned in protest at Attorney General Eric Holder’s chicanery in the Voting Rights Section and his perversion of the office he swore to uphold. Seen frequently on national TV and author of the recent book Injustice, Adams will mesmerize you with his stories from Washington. Dinner per couple costs $100 which includes the book, and $65 for singles. Meal selection of Sirloin, Tilapia, or Chicken require advanced reservations, so please call Bill Skinner at 433-1170 or Co-Chair Greg Ringdahl at 833-7080 for more details. This is one get-together you won’t want to miss.