Boots on the Ground Uplift Us All

Jan. 4, 2013, Atlantis – Excerpts from Col. Arthur DeRuve’s address, “A Tribute to Our Troops and Veterans.”

“…We honor our soldiers not because they are gladiators or warriors, but because they have defended and protected the freedoms and rights of the most unique country in History. The success of the Founding Fathers was due to the first boots on the ground, who made it possible for self-governance to be realized and for Power to percolate from the bottom up…Our will was again tested by the Barbary Pirates in 1803, and our Marines took care of business.

“We were confronted once more by the British in the War of 1812, and by our boots on the ground, held firm. The tragedy of the Civil War proved to the world that our Republic could survive, and as freedom continued to flourish and mass immigration from Europe began, the French people showed their gratitude by presenting us with that great symbol, The Statue of Liberty.

“In our second century, the Spanish American War saw American boots on the ground bring freedom to the peoples of Cuba and the Philippines, and our role in The War to End All Wars made Democracy safe. However, international developments led to the rise of Totalitarianism, Fascism, Nazism, and Imperialism, yet our soldiers still prevailed. Communism came to be our longest chief nemesis, but eventually too, the Soviet Union collapsed.

“Our third century brings to the fore our gravest challenge yet, the quest for a world theocracy by the Islamic fundamentalists. They call us The Great Devil and brook no compromise. They are different than all our other enemies, but our troops have still proven indomitable.

“It is the Veteran who has given us our Freedom of the Press, not the Reporter, our Freedom of Religion, not the Priest, our Freedom of Speech and not the Professor, and our Freedom of Assembly, not the Politician. We salute our troops, past and present.”

The next Republican Central Club meeting will take place on Wednesday, Feb.6th, and not on the customary Thursday, due to the Lincoln Day Dinner the following evening. Our guest speaker will be Florida’s Representative to the Republican National Committee, Peter Feaman. He will offer an insider’s look at whether the party’s consultants blew the election (again), and how the Anointed One’s re-election may literally destroy America. The feisty Boca Raton attorney will also reference his latest book, The Next Nightmare. Please bring a friend for this exciting meeting and let’s build up the membership.