Insider Feaman Ranges Over GOP Landscape


Feb. 6, 2013, Atlantis – “The score is 20 to 17, not 20 to nothing as the lamestream media would have you believe,” proclaimed Peter Feaman to the Central Republican Club audience at their monthly meeting. “We control 30 state governorships, 24 state legislatures, the House of Representatives, and although the base is currently demoralized, we are not getting killed and we will bounce back.”

“We lost Florida by 75,000 votes or less than one percent,” continued Florida’s newly-elected State Representative to the Republican National Committee, “and that was primarily due to the maltreatment of the Ron Paul faction by the Convention Rules Committee. Newt called this ‘the tyranny of the professional consultants,’ because they wanted to disenfranchise this faction, who subsequently, did not vote. They changed the rules in August at Tampa, whereas ironically, the GOP’s full-time Standing Rules Committee cannot change any rules at all. That’s one reason why I’m going to Washington. We grass-roots people are going to re-install common sense.”

He noted that Romney beat Omama in the Sunshine State by 180,000 votes in the 30+ Age Category, but lost by 250,000 in the under 29 slot. “And there’s your difference. As the Party of Individualism and not Collectivism, as the Party of Independence and not Dependence, the Party of Values and not No Values, we have a harder time getting our message out. While we’re busy at work, Obama’s Democrats can spend all day on Social Media with the groveling major media in their back pocket. Plus of course, we’re held to a higher standard, but we’ve read their Playbook and we’ll copy it and improve on it.”

Feaman revealed that he recently had lunch with Gov. Scott and found him to be honest, forthright, and charming. “Unfortunately, he doesn’t come across that way in front of the cameras, but we have got to re-elect him. Here’s a guy who doesn’t take any salary, pays for his own transportation, and only wants to make Florida the best state in the Union to live in. And his competition will be Charlie Crist, who is one slick politician. He will lock up the Democratic nomination, and yet when I confronted him and asked him why he once swore to me that he was a Ronald Reagan Conservative, he could only mutter, “Well, the Party’s changed.’”

Feaman also lambasted Obama as a Chamberlain-like appeaser intent on weakening our National Security. “For example, CIA and Military Intelligence knew from the communications traffic that an attack was imminent in Benghazi to occur on 9/11. But they were silenced and ordered inactive because the Campaigner-in-Chief had said that Al Qaeda was finished, and as a result, four sterling people were sacrificed at the Consulate.”

The Palm Beach County Attorney concluded by excerpting from his latest book, The Next Nightmare, the long-term Sharia Plan for taking over the United States and re-establishing the Twelfth Caliphate. With the help of the Obama Administration and the exorcising of God, the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and any spiritual values in the American Educational System, they seem to be right on schedule.

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The next Republican Central Club meeting will take place on Thursday, March 7th, and our guest speaker will be Maziar Keshavarz. This Iranian native and resident PBC Civil Engineer will offer his unique perspective on what’s really going on inside Persia. Please bring a friend for this exciting and illuminating meeting and let’s build up the membership.