County Administrator Bob Weisman’s Outlook for 2014 Budget

Mayor Abrams Touts Vitamin GOP for PBC Health


March 6, 2013, Atlantis –  Palm Beach County “Mayor” Steven Abrams surveyed the  local landscape before the latest Central Republican Club monthly meeting, emphasizing how the GOP’s common sense approach to challenges has yielded positive results. “In the 2009 County Commissioner’s Budget,” he explained, “the Democratic majority irrationally scotched Road and Bridge Repairs – and this is at the height of the recession – in favor of street painting for a Lake Worth City celebration. It took two years of public outcries and GOP convincing for us restore this vital public service.”

Similarly, the newly-renamed Chairman of the County Commission pointed out that Priority Number One of these elected officials was Public Safety, followed by a Return-To-Prosperity Agenda. “Palm Beach is the largest County east of the Mississippi and affordable housing and low taxes are the keys to attracting new business. If you take out of the equation the severe systemic weaknesses of Belle Glade and Pahokee – and we are working very hard to resolve these problems – our Unemployment Rate is lower than Florida’s average.”

He added that the Republicans’ ability to finally persuade the Commission to engage in smart outsourcing had already borne significant fruit. “We have a huge Vehicular Transportation Section and by contracting NAPA to handle our Parts Departments, we’ve accrued savings of more than 400,000 dollars.”

Abrams had just returned from Tallahassee where he and other PBC officials and representatives had met with the Governor, his staff, and other legislative leaders to press for increased finances. He particularly stressed to the audience to keep an eye on rising Hialeah Republican star Jose Oliva, whom he described as “handsome, charismatic, articulate, and a successful entrepreneur with a fantastic future.”

The former Boca Raton Mayor also revealed some of the inner workings of the County’s Ethics Commission, Broadband Coalition, Redistricting tussles, Business Development Board, and Convention Center Hotel Tax. He answered questions forthrightly from the members, such as the power of the labor unions in the Solid Waste Authority’s contracts process. Mayor Abrams was kind enough to fill in for the Club’s scheduled guest speaker, Maziar Keshavarz, who could not come due to a death in the family. This native Iranian Civil Engineer and PBC GOP activist will appear at the Thursday, April 4th meeting, to offer his unique perspective on what’s really going on inside Persia.


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