Rampersad Detonates ‘Common Core’ Minefield

October 3, 2013, Atlantis –  The “Common Core State Standards Initiative” being foisted on the American people and state governments by Washington DC met an indefatigable foe in Dr. Alison Rampersad at the October, Central PBC Republican Club meeting. She systematically exploded its snares and pitfalls, lies and cover-ups, false premises and true intentions.

Alison Rampersad

“This One-Size-Fits-All Program for national education, aside from being unconstitutional, is also not a mandate from this so-called National Governors Association as advertised, but a brazen attempt by well-heeled parties for Federal control of our children’s minds,” she thundered.

“Who’s behind this?” the Lynn University Business Professor asked rhetorically. “DC-based trade unions, the Bill Gates Foundation, George Soros, teachers unions, Jeb Bush on behalf of his younger brother Neil, Pearson e-Books, and progressive groups from DC who’ll write the curricula and the exams, all supported by the Dept. of Education.”

She explained that this ill-conceived idea, originally meant in the Mission Statement to “meet and exceed international standards” was later changed to “be informed by international standards,” because that goal was unobtainable. “In 2010, States were pressured to accept Common Core without investigating its substance because they were in financial straits. Now as they begin to learn its weaknesses, they are pausing and withdrawing. We need to educate their legislators as to what a disaster this entails.”

Rampersad illustrated her contentions:

  • The national curricula cannot be changed by local boards. All tests will be from this, and there is no appeal. Again, “Teaching to the Test” will be the classroom strategy.
  • The literature portion for tenth-graders contains smut that would shame a pedophile.
  • The math portion has adopted a process-based approach which has proven unfathomable to adults. Arriving at the correct answer is not crucial.
  • Teachers will need to be retrained at State expense.
  • There have been no Congressional Hearings on any of this, yet this “Race to the Middle” will severely harm disadvantaged youth, autistic children, the Gifted & Talented programs, and must be adopted by private, charter, and voucher schools.
  • GED, PSAT, ACT, and SAT will be aligned to Common Core Standards and consequently, dumbed down.
  • The one Ed. Expert on the original panel, a Stanford University professor, quit in disgust. American History has been revised and denigrated.
  • Some Agebra II and Geometry lessons have been eliminated, and Calculus will no longer be taught in high schools. Cursive writing has also been chopped.
  • Overseas educators have looked at the program and laughed.
  • The estimated cost of implementing Common Core stands at $15.8 billion with many expenses yet to be determined.

As head of the Parents Coalition, Rampersad’s immediate goal is to convince Gov. Scott to withdraw Florida from this debacle. The movement gathers strength every day, as more people become informed.

The Nov. 7th Central GOP Club meeting will feature Dr. Angela West, wife of former congressional representative Allen West.