Dr. Angela West Debunks Obamacare Myths

Atlantis, Nov.7th – After our own Tami Donnelly announced that she, her husband, and their company had just had their health insurance policy abruptly canceled, guest speaker Dr. Angela West picked up the cudgel to further expose the lies, myths, and disinformation perpetrated by the Obamacare juggernaut, at the Central PBC Republican Club monthly meeting.

“Make no mistake,” she warned. “Everyone will be affected and the impact will be huge. Folks with pre-existing conditions will be dropped, small businesses will find the rules and reporting requirements unfathomable and unaffordable, HR departments at large corporations will have to charge each worker on their plan individually, anyone working 30 hours per week will be considered full-time, temporary and seasonal workers’ health plan options will prove incalculable, illegal immigrants will continue to get free care, and the IRS will be on the case of everyone subject to penalty and fine.”

The mild-mannered wife of the popular Col. Allen West added that snowbirds will find themselves in an impossible dilemma, hospitals who don’t kowtow to the newly-created Obamacare agencies and bureaucrats will find themselves going broke, Medicare payroll taxes, premiums, and deductibles will rise exorbitantly in the coming years, Tricare will probably end, and the collateral damage to families and businesses will likely deepen unemployment.

Dr. West repeated that the devil was in the details which had for too long been overlooked. “An honest appraisal of the ACA’s weaknesses has led actuaries to believe that the current 30 million uninsured Americans will vault to 60 million in a few years, and they won’t be the same people,” she noted. “They will be middle-class citizens, depressed and frustrated by a system which gives presidentially-appointed governing boards sweeping powers to control their lives. And in the end, sad to say, the medical system will devolve into a state of, ‘Nobody cares.’

For more information and advice please contact Dr. West at angela.west@raymondjames.com

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