Dr. Larry Kawa Featured March Speaker

Despite having grown up in Brooklyn and having graduated NYU, Dr. Larry Kawa became a staunch Republican, philanthropist, and community activist, and south Florida reaped the benefits. Somewhere along the line he encountered Edmund Burke’s political philosophy, for he took to heart his popular adage, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” and he persevered.

In addition to directing a highly successful Orthodontics and Oral SurgeryPractice in Boca Raton, Dr. Kawa serves as President of the PBC Republican Party’s Chairman’s Council, served as Chairman of Physicians and Dentists for Mitt Romney, and founded the Political Action Committee, American Courage.

He has hosted the gamut of GOP luminaries, from Romney and Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Tim Pawlenty, to Ann Coulter, Michael Steele, Allen West, and Adam Hasner. Yet he also finds time to work with underprivileged children, the Girl Scouts, two County School Districts, and the Lynn University School of Business Management.

Dr. Kawa will tell any Democrat that, “You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.” We are lucky to have him on our team. On Thursday evening, he will be speaking on the status of his lawsuit against Obamacare, filed jointly with Judicial Watch.

“Game On!” with Anita Mitchell

Atlantis Feb. 6 – New PBC Republican Executive Committee Chair Anita Mitchell called for “pragmatism based on principle and principles dosed with pragmatism” as she spoke before the monthly meeting of the PBC Central Republican Club.

“We have the issues, we have the pillars, and we have the solutions, so I say to the Democrats, ‘Game on!’” She noted that we have three important municipal elections coming up, that require Republicans to coalesce and unite behind the candidates. “Our job at the REC is not policy but practicality. As Palm Beach County continues to swing left, we need to bring back Independents (and Libertarians) and get Republicans elected.”

The longtime lobbyist and GOP fundraiser emphasized the importance of Palm Beach County’s role in the American political mosaic. “We are nationally recognized and we are the most important county in Florida for Gov. Scott’s re-election. And everyone knows that the road to the White House runs through Palm Beach.”

She beseeched the members to get involved and to bolster the REC. “We’ve painted the office, filled the coffee urns, and will unveil a snazzy new website and release a manual for precinct workers soon. Please come in to visit, we’re open for business, and it’s game on! Give me an R.”


Tickets are still available for the Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 21st featuring Sen. Ted Cruz, Alan West, and Dr. Ben Carson, and for the Statesman Dinner the night before with Dick Morris. Call Steve at 561-733-9277 for details. Also, the 2014 Slate of Officers was elected unanimously at the meeting. President Steve Ledewitz, Vice-President Father David Kennedy, Treasurer Alison Rampersad, and Secretary Richard Berkow.