Robert Weissert Headlines April Meeting

Our Guest Speaker at the Thursday, April 3rd meeting will be Robert Weissert, Vice President of Research for the consumer watchdog group, Florida Tax Watch. The monthly meeting at Atlantis Country Club begins at 6:30, and for more information about Florida Tax Watch, click on


Time Shift Interview

Club Members Pick Up the Gauntlet


Atlantis March 6 – With an unfortunate last-minute postponement by guest speaker Dr. Larry Kawa, club members rose to the occasion to conduct a fruitful meeting.

Veteran activist George Blumel led the parade, describing his recent excursion to Tallahassee under the Americans for Prosperity banner. “We met with representatives of both the House and the Senate,” he said, “and discussed our top legislative priorities: Support Gov. Scott’s call for a $500 million reduction in taxes; Reform Florida’s bloated and unsustainable pension system; Oppose Medicaid expansion, and; Encourage school choice and local control. Our group consisted of highly knowledgeable, fact-filled citizens, who made convincing arguments and enlightened many of these politicians who seemed to live in a fog. We scored many points but most disappointing of all was our neighbor, Dem. Sen. Jeff Clemens, who had the lowest AFC rating of any elected representative in all the capital.”

Our warrior against Common Core, Alison Rampersad, then brought the club members up to date on the war in the trenches. Despite the Gov.’s dropping one of the two consortiums for statewide testing, many Florida students in K – 2 will still be Common Core tested, she revealed. However, Rep. Debbie Mayfield finally found a Senate partner, Republican Greg Evers, to bring a companion bill forward, which would call for a three-year pause in testing, to evaluate the controversial program’s efficiency. So there may be hope. Additionally, a large number of district school boards seem to be in favor of a hiatus until 2017, so maybe it will coalesce. Through a fluke of not getting its paperwork in on time, PBC never received any Race to the Top prize money, so technically, we should not be compelled to participate. And lastly, there is a small movement afoot to bring textbook selection from the state level down to the district.

Lastly, Col. Arthur DeRuve (Ret.) expounded on the current tension between the United States as leader of the Free World, and the Forces of Darkness. He likened the situation to World War IV, labeling the Cold War Era and the global communist threat as WW III. He lamented the failure of the Government to realize that the only answer to worldwide fascist Islamic terrorism was the Peace Through Strength strategy, of muscularly taking the fight to them, instead of shrinking and weakening our military prowess. “Look at the millions of free people in Eastern Europe because of our Peace Through Strength policy,” he said. The colonel noted that the jihadists, who only worship Death and not Life, can only win if we let them win. “The borders of this war are not defined – the battleground is everywhere. We cannot let the leftist media and the leftist politicians devastate and weaken our military might,” he warned.

The Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County’s next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 3rd. Please bring a friend.