Term Limits Amendment is Achievable

Nick Tomboulides

Guest speaker Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director of U.S. Term Limits, told the November RCCPBC audience that achieving a Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits was not Mission Impossible. “Grassroots lobbying can be the agent of change,” he said, noting that conservative commentator Mark Levin had listed Term Limits as his Number One priority in his book, The Liberty Amendments.  

Tomboulides informed his listeners that Congress had voted favorably on the issue in 1995, but had not reached the necessary two thirds majority to enact the bill. In that same vein, the notoriously corrupt state of Illinois had put a Term Limits proposition on its latest ballot initiative, but a “persuadable” judge had removed it at the last second citing its “unconstitutionality.”

Tomboulides stressed that “limited terms equals limited government,” and that “more competition with more candidates brings more ideas with more freedom,” as the Founders had envisioned.

He added that 15 candidates had been elected to the incoming Congress who had signed the Term Limits Pledge, bringing the number of cosponsors to a future amendments bill to 45. Five newly-elected Senators also support the measure, Tillis, Baines, Cassidy, Sasse, and Perdue.

Moreover, U.S. Term Limits looks to submit a petition to Congress with no less than a million signatures, adding to the 36 states that already have term limits for their Governors, and the movement for a National Constitutional Convention – as allowed under Article V of the Constitution – to bring about this necessary change.

The Dec. 4th monthly meeting will be a festive affair, with a fabulous dinner, music and singing, and Tom Trento as our featured speaker, who will bring us up to date on his campaign to combat sharia law being enacted in the United States. Tickets are $49 for members and $55 for guests. Please contact Pres. Steve Ledewitz at 561-733-9277 for reservations and menu selections.


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