Trento Explains 22-Year Victory Plan of Islamic State

TomTrentoThe Club hosted “United West” founder Tom Trento at its December Holiday Dinner meeting, who dazzled the audience with his analysis of the long-term goals and strategy of the Islamic State. Describing their march to destroy Western Civilization as we know it, and to simultaneously purify the Muslim world of its misguided sects, the fiery crusader reflected on its successful implementation of a 22-year plan to overcome all resistance, and how only the United States could thwart their evil design.

The next Republican Club meeting will be held on Thursday, January 8th at the Atlantis Country Club, and feature Mike Barnett. The newly-elected Republican Executive Committee Chairman will lay out his agenda for the GOP to recapture Palm Beach County. For more information, please call President Steve Ledewitz at 561-733-9277.


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