Barnett Brings Fresh Energy & Ideas to REC

Atlantis January 8 – Newly-elected Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Mike Barnett revealed his “vim and vigor approach” to rejuvenating the crucial Palm Beach County Republican electorate, priming for the 2016 Presidential Campaign and beyond.

After summarizing the warm reception the new REC officers received in Tallahassee at Rick Scott’s inauguration ceremonies, the Governor’s vocal recognition of the important role the Haitian and black communities played in his re-election, and the plethora of clergy omnipresent at all the events, Barnett gave special thanks to GOP political consultant Larry Horist for his fantastic success in fundraising in just his first month of activities.

He then delineated his mix of old and new talents making up the REC Board and reviewed how resuscitation would proceed. He listed the re-introduction of the weekly email communicator “The Wire” to keep members fully informed, the expansion and re-organization of REC working teams in all the County’s municipalities, the soon-to-be unveiled new REC website, outreach to the local Tea Party and their membership, the establishment of a Speakers Bureau which will be free and open to the public, and hopefully, a Book Club, to better educate ourselves and our constituents.

“We need to raise the leadership profile of the Republican Party and corral Independents and newcomers into the GOP fold” he emphasized, committing himself and his team to work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Barnett noted that there would be no REC meeting in January in order to better prepare the groundwork for the February 11th meeting, and added that the Lincoln Day affair would take place at Donald Trump’s elegant Mar-A-Lago March 6th, with a likely presidential contender as guest speaker.

Elections for Florida’s State GOP Board are to be held very shortly, Mike announced, and he hopes to win a seat there, too, further highlighting PBC’s importance in the state apparatus. Anyone with new ideas or suggestions to enhance the GOP’s position in the County is sincerely invited to contact Mike at 561-686-1616 or email him at: michael.barnett1@gmail.com

The Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County’s next meeting will take place on Thursday, February 5th at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a friend.

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