A Return to Jeffersonian Principles

Atlantis June 4 – Spearheading the national attempt to return the Republican Party to its core principles, representatives from the Liberty Caucus explained their mission to the RCCPBC at their June monthly meeting.  Florida State Chairman Matt Nye and National Chair Bob White described how this growing faction within the GOP wants to highlight the bedrock foundation of the Party and hold the RINOs’ feet to the fire.

“We need to return to those Jeffersonian beliefs – smaller government, lower taxes, individual responsibility, and free markets – in order to revitalize the GOP at every level,” said Nye. He noted how at Tallahassee, well-heeled special interest groups controlled the legislative agenda and quashed individual initiatives, thereby leading to the Liberty Caucus’s “Come Clean Florida” campaign.

White added that the group – self-described as “The Conscience of the Republican Party” -did not hesitate to endorse candidates who committed to their principles, or withhold their support if they did not. He outlined the caucus’s strategy for expanding the organization, making its presence felt at national forums, and promoting its influence within the ranks, as opposed to the Libertarian Party, which in the end, only helps the Democrats win elections.

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, August 6th at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. The featured guest will lead a scintillating discussion on the Second Amendment. Please bring a friend.

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