Imagine a Balanced Budget Amendment!

Atlantis, October 1 – The wrath of much of the American citizenry expresses itself not only in the popularity of outsiders currently running for high office, but also in the swelling grassroots support for an overdue Article V Convention of States. “We want to lessen the power of the Federal Government and also that of States’ Government, and return as much as feasible back to the people,” said guest speaker Pamela Wohlschlegel.

Convention of States Mission Statement

“To urge and empower state legislators to call a Convention of States to propose amendments to the Constitution to curb the abuses of the federal government.”

The co-founder of the Palm Beach County Tea Party was speaking on behalf of Citizens for Self-Governance in explaining the intricacies of Article V’s alternative method for amending the Constitution. Days before the conclusion of its drafting in 1787, Virginia Delegate George Mason realized that the Federal Government as constructed could turn into a ravenous beast if no mechanism remained for the people to alter its provisions, and so he modified Article V to provide for a technique.

Tea Party Patriots Co-founder Mark Meckler’s chance meeting with radio host Mark Levin in 2013 gave impetus to initiate a serious nationwide movement to realize this convention, and already four State Legislatures have officially called for its enactment. More are expected in 2016 and hopefully, the magic number of 34 will be realized by 2017.

Although flushing out such an historic achievement may seem daunting, the aspiration for getting America’s house in order – a balanced budget amendment, term limits, tax reform, redefining the General Welfare Clause, et al – has motivated thousands of patriots to join the effort. The initial key to success lies in educating the populous, and the quickest way to learn the myriad questions and answers is to read the contents at

Thirty-seven states have already introduced the application in their legislatures, and a three-day simulation of a Convention of States will take place at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Jupiter’s Harbourside Place, beginning Oct. 28th. The excitement will be palpable.

The RCCPBC’s November 5th meeting will feature U.S. Term Limits President Phil Blumel, who has dramatic news to share with all the membership. Please bring a friend.