Adding Term Limits to the Constitution

Atlantis, November 5 – An optimistic U.S. Term Limits President Phil Blumel told a crowded Central Republican Club meeting that the only way to reform Congress was via a Constitutional Amendment. “We have just launched the largest and most extensive campaign for congressional term limits ever,” he stated, “targeting 15 states in the 2015 elections, complete with lobbyists, grass roots activists, ambassadors, and social media experts to produce applications from state legislatures calling for an Article V Convention.”

Blumel explained that the time is now ripe for supporters and signees of the Pledge Program to submit bills which will lead to a Term Limits Convention, which by its very encroachment upon realization will compel Congress to act on its own and introduce the Amendment, as it did in 1917 for the Direct Election of Senators. Although ideally the applications would uniformly call for 6 years for Representatives and 12 for Senators, that cannot be assumed, and therefore, not specifying the specific limit would make uniformity by each state easier.

“There are plenty of State Legislators across the country who would like to bring their fresh ideas to Washington, not be beholden to corporate lobbyists or special interest groups, do their jobs, and go home the way the Founders envisioned the system working,” he added.

During Q&A he noted that emails would shortly be sent to all the supporters, detailing the specific steps to take to pressure elected officials to support Florida’s application for a U.S. Term Limits Convention.

The RCCPBC’s annual festive Holiday Meeting will be held on Thursday Dec. 3rd at the Atlantic Country Club. In addition to music and song, all of the Florida candidates running for the U.S. Senate have been invited, and will be given 10 minutes to present their platforms. More details will follow shortly.

Lastly, the next Palm Beach County Republican Executive Council meeting will also be held at the Atlantic Country Club, on Wed. evening, Dec. 2nd. Everyone is invited but please call the GOP office to RSVP.