Rampant Voter Fraud in PBC Needs to End

Atlantis Feb. 4 – Non-partisan candidate for Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Christine Spain offered a blistering indictment of Susan Boucher’s failure to enforce voting laws on the books, and her heavy-handed partisanship to see Democrats elected, regardless of the improprieties. Speaking before the monthly meeting of the Central PBC Republican Club, the long-on-experience attorney and CPA said that 60 percent of Florida’s electorate do not believe that elections here are conducted fairly, and that the closer the race, the higher the motivation to cheat.

Noting that the national outcome of November’s election could easily be determined by Florida, and that the keys to the Sunshine State lay in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Orange Counties, all run by Democratic Supervisors, she described a variety of methods these partisans utilize to manipulate results. These included delaying military absentee ballots because the troops heavily trend towards Republicans, not requiring proof of citizenship for illegal aliens, not updating voter rolls or purging dead people, highly selective enforcement of voting laws, dismissing Republican poll watchers’ complaints, questions and lawsuits out of hand, utilizing only Democratic judges to predetermine favorable outcomes, and bullying Republican poll watchers in critical precincts.

Her contentions were vigorously supported by individual testimonies from members of the audience, who had personally experienced the illegal and hostile machinations of Susan Boucher and her minions.

Ms. Spain said she would bring a new professionalism to the post, based on common sense and the spirit and the letter of Florida’s election laws, a pro-active friendly approach to the voting public, as well as computerize the county’s voter rolls, consolidate precincts, and require proof of citizenship in order to vote.

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, March 3rd, at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a friend.