Stand Up and Be Counted

Atlantis, July 7, 2016 – Palm Beach County GOP Political Director Ryan Hnatiuk urged Republican Central Club members at their monthly meeting, to become activists on the Republican Executive Committee. The veteran South Florida political consultant’s powerpoint presentation described the “job” responsibilities in these historic moments as the following: To serve as the GOP voice in your neighborhood; to make sure all registered Republicans vote; to liaise, recruit, and serve; and to contact all your precinct fellow GOP members.

He then explained the do’s and don’ts of successful campaign dialogue, and suggested the websites and for enhanced information.


Young Republicans Bring the Adrenaline

Atlantis, May 5, 2016 – Four local millennial activists brought unmistakable enthusiasm and dedication to the May Central Republican Club meeting, instilling a healthy dose of optimism to an audience beleaguered by a fractious Party. Their commitment to classic Republican principles and to garnering new adherents both on Florida campuses and elsewhere, were backed up by statistical and anecdotal results, exploding common-held beliefs perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Political strategist Mary Anna Mancuso kicked off the proceedings by explaining various local efforts to energize an apathetic but critically important Palm Beach County Republican electorate, and the dire consequences of not winning the November election.

Cade Marsh, from the Federation of College Republicans, described the recent successes of registering new Republican voters and submitted that most kids on Florida campuses lean towards conservatism. He offered numerous examples disproving the myth that leftists held a stranglehold in America’s colleges.

Other Young Republicans shared their excitement in engaging new members to the fold, including Stephanie Woloshin from the Republican Jewish Coalition, who just became Outreach Coordinator for the “Don’t Bankrupt America” movement.

Also noteworthy, candidate for Palm Beach County Sheriff Rick Sessa described his plan to bring integrity, honesty, and morale back to the largest Department in the County, after the lengthy and secretive corrupting practices of Ric Bradshaw. His enthusiastic reception was inundated with many incisive questions from the audience.

The June 2nd meeting will feature Prof. Mary Ellen Vitrano, who will discuss “Purging Voter Fraud,” beginning at 6:30 pm at Atlantis.

PBC Tax Hike Looms on the Horizon

“Whenever the people are wellinformed, they can be trusted with their own government…”

Thomas Jefferson

Atlantis March 3 – Jefferson also frequently pointed to the corollary; an ill-informed citizenry inevitably leads to tyranny, which is why the Republican Club was lucky to host Taxpayer Action Board co-founder Fred Scheibl at its latest meeting.

With the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners debating the merits of putting a one percent sales tax increase on the August or November 2016 ballot, it takes a dedicated volunteer public servant to decipher the machinations of forces interested in filling the coffers with $2.3 billion over the next ten years, such as Fred Scheibl.

The Palm Beach Gardens resident explained that two groups were behind the proposal: The Fire/Rescue Union and the School Board. The first was up against numerous legal conundrums and the calendar, and probably would not make it across the finish line, while the latter, enhanced by the clout of the Cultural Council, posed a more serious challenge.

Ostensibly, the majority of the new revenues would target infrastructure needs, but since that was a “hard sell” to voters, a dog-and-pony show would have to glamorize the package, to make it fly. Hence, the dramatic participation of the Cultural Council.

Half of the Board had major questions for the proponents, and recommended more time and study, while others wiggled under School Board pressure. Some of their hearings fell under Palm Beach Post scrutiny, while other deliberations took place behind closed doors.

Scheibl concluded his presentation by saying that the tax hike proposal featured many moving parts, operating on sands shifting daily, and advocated by a host of differing parties who were not always in alignment. He urged the membership to become more active in the public hearings and to follow the action at

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, April 7th at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Our guest speaker will be political consultant and controversial author Roger Stone. This is one lollapalooza you won’t want to miss. Please bring a friend.

Rampant Voter Fraud in PBC Needs to End

Atlantis Feb. 4 – Non-partisan candidate for Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Christine Spain offered a blistering indictment of Susan Boucher’s failure to enforce voting laws on the books, and her heavy-handed partisanship to see Democrats elected, regardless of the improprieties. Speaking before the monthly meeting of the Central PBC Republican Club, the long-on-experience attorney and CPA said that 60 percent of Florida’s electorate do not believe that elections here are conducted fairly, and that the closer the race, the higher the motivation to cheat.

Noting that the national outcome of November’s election could easily be determined by Florida, and that the keys to the Sunshine State lay in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Orange Counties, all run by Democratic Supervisors, she described a variety of methods these partisans utilize to manipulate results. These included delaying military absentee ballots because the troops heavily trend towards Republicans, not requiring proof of citizenship for illegal aliens, not updating voter rolls or purging dead people, highly selective enforcement of voting laws, dismissing Republican poll watchers’ complaints, questions and lawsuits out of hand, utilizing only Democratic judges to predetermine favorable outcomes, and bullying Republican poll watchers in critical precincts.

Her contentions were vigorously supported by individual testimonies from members of the audience, who had personally experienced the illegal and hostile machinations of Susan Boucher and her minions.

Ms. Spain said she would bring a new professionalism to the post, based on common sense and the spirit and the letter of Florida’s election laws, a pro-active friendly approach to the voting public, as well as computerize the county’s voter rolls, consolidate precincts, and require proof of citizenship in order to vote.

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, March 3rd, at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a friend.

Adding Term Limits to the Constitution

Atlantis, November 5 – An optimistic U.S. Term Limits President Phil Blumel told a crowded Central Republican Club meeting that the only way to reform Congress was via a Constitutional Amendment. “We have just launched the largest and most extensive campaign for congressional term limits ever,” he stated, “targeting 15 states in the 2015 elections, complete with lobbyists, grass roots activists, ambassadors, and social media experts to produce applications from state legislatures calling for an Article V Convention.”

Blumel explained that the time is now ripe for supporters and signees of the Pledge Program to submit bills which will lead to a Term Limits Convention, which by its very encroachment upon realization will compel Congress to act on its own and introduce the Amendment, as it did in 1917 for the Direct Election of Senators. Although ideally the applications would uniformly call for 6 years for Representatives and 12 for Senators, that cannot be assumed, and therefore, not specifying the specific limit would make uniformity by each state easier.

“There are plenty of State Legislators across the country who would like to bring their fresh ideas to Washington, not be beholden to corporate lobbyists or special interest groups, do their jobs, and go home the way the Founders envisioned the system working,” he added.

During Q&A he noted that emails would shortly be sent to all the supporters, detailing the specific steps to take to pressure elected officials to support Florida’s application for a U.S. Term Limits Convention.

The RCCPBC’s annual festive Holiday Meeting will be held on Thursday Dec. 3rd at the Atlantic Country Club. In addition to music and song, all of the Florida candidates running for the U.S. Senate have been invited, and will be given 10 minutes to present their platforms. More details will follow shortly.

Lastly, the next Palm Beach County Republican Executive Council meeting will also be held at the Atlantic Country Club, on Wed. evening, Dec. 2nd. Everyone is invited but please call the GOP office to RSVP.

Imagine a Balanced Budget Amendment!

Atlantis, October 1 – The wrath of much of the American citizenry expresses itself not only in the popularity of outsiders currently running for high office, but also in the swelling grassroots support for an overdue Article V Convention of States. “We want to lessen the power of the Federal Government and also that of States’ Government, and return as much as feasible back to the people,” said guest speaker Pamela Wohlschlegel.

Convention of States Mission Statement

“To urge and empower state legislators to call a Convention of States to propose amendments to the Constitution to curb the abuses of the federal government.”

The co-founder of the Palm Beach County Tea Party was speaking on behalf of Citizens for Self-Governance in explaining the intricacies of Article V’s alternative method for amending the Constitution. Days before the conclusion of its drafting in 1787, Virginia Delegate George Mason realized that the Federal Government as constructed could turn into a ravenous beast if no mechanism remained for the people to alter its provisions, and so he modified Article V to provide for a technique.

Tea Party Patriots Co-founder Mark Meckler’s chance meeting with radio host Mark Levin in 2013 gave impetus to initiate a serious nationwide movement to realize this convention, and already four State Legislatures have officially called for its enactment. More are expected in 2016 and hopefully, the magic number of 34 will be realized by 2017.

Although flushing out such an historic achievement may seem daunting, the aspiration for getting America’s house in order – a balanced budget amendment, term limits, tax reform, redefining the General Welfare Clause, et al – has motivated thousands of patriots to join the effort. The initial key to success lies in educating the populous, and the quickest way to learn the myriad questions and answers is to read the contents at

Thirty-seven states have already introduced the application in their legislatures, and a three-day simulation of a Convention of States will take place at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Jupiter’s Harbourside Place, beginning Oct. 28th. The excitement will be palpable.

The RCCPBC’s November 5th meeting will feature U.S. Term Limits President Phil Blumel, who has dramatic news to share with all the membership. Please bring a friend.

The Inside Scoop on Lexington & Concord

Atlantis September 3 – “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” was more than a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and oh and how! Raconteur Steve Leonard spellbound the September RCCPBC audience with the behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes surrounding the events of April 18-19, 1775, when the British marched to Lexington and Concord, and skedaddled back to Charlestowne. A few of the juicy tidbits included:

  • Revere never yelled “The British are coming!” but rather, “The Regulars are out!”
  • The “criers” network established by the colonials led to 68 villages and towns being notified overnight to send their militias toward Battle Road
  • The wives sent bandages and food to the skirmish fronts all day while the young boys served as couriers passing the latest news to the incoming militias
  • 8 of the 9 colonials killed at Lexington were shot in the back
  • The bedraggled Redcoat soldiers, who had spent two hours in a cold swamp, marched a day and a half without rest and very little food, wore square-tipped boots, which they put on foot one day and on the other foot the next
  • Colonial rifles were far superior to British muskets
  • Gen. Gage’s American wife was the spy who informed the Americans of the plan to seize arms, ammunition, Adams and Hancock at Lexington and Concord
  • The British suffered 273 losses to the Americans 94
  • And many other riveting anecdotes to humanize this dramatic inauguration of the Revolutionary War and reflect upon the character of this founding generation

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, Oct. 1st at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Our guest will lead a scintillating discussion on the progress of a Convention of States, via Article V of the Constitution, as a pathway to change. Please bring a friend.

A Return to Jeffersonian Principles

Atlantis June 4 – Spearheading the national attempt to return the Republican Party to its core principles, representatives from the Liberty Caucus explained their mission to the RCCPBC at their June monthly meeting.  Florida State Chairman Matt Nye and National Chair Bob White described how this growing faction within the GOP wants to highlight the bedrock foundation of the Party and hold the RINOs’ feet to the fire.

“We need to return to those Jeffersonian beliefs – smaller government, lower taxes, individual responsibility, and free markets – in order to revitalize the GOP at every level,” said Nye. He noted how at Tallahassee, well-heeled special interest groups controlled the legislative agenda and quashed individual initiatives, thereby leading to the Liberty Caucus’s “Come Clean Florida” campaign.

White added that the group – self-described as “The Conscience of the Republican Party” -did not hesitate to endorse candidates who committed to their principles, or withhold their support if they did not. He outlined the caucus’s strategy for expanding the organization, making its presence felt at national forums, and promoting its influence within the ranks, as opposed to the Libertarian Party, which in the end, only helps the Democrats win elections.

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, August 6th at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. The featured guest will lead a scintillating discussion on the Second Amendment. Please bring a friend.

Liberty Caucus and the Grand Prize

  We hope to see you and your friends at the Thursday, June 4th meeting at 6:30 p.m. to hear from the Republican Liberty Caucus’s Matt Nye, National Chairman and Bob White, Florida Chairman..  They’ll tell the history of the group, its purpose and how they operate on the national and local levels. They’ll discuss –maybe even answer– the question, Can We Elect a Libertarian-Leaning Presidential Candidate in 2016? Our members will find RLC’s “Come Clean Florida” campaign finance reform initiative of particular interest.  Should be a very interesting evening -y’all come!


The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, June 4th, at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a friend.
For more information, please contact Club President Steve Ledewitz, 561-733-9277.

Middle East Battles Occur on US Campuses, too

Atlantis May 7 – Florida Regional Director for CAMERA Nadine Richterman brought home to the membership the ugly truth about a separate Middle East war being fought for hearts and minds right here on North American campuses: the unending onslaught against Israel by the well-financed Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine.

The veteran educator explained to the audience that the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America stood as the bulwark against the ceaseless propaganda, outlandish distortions, unending delegitimizing campaigns, and hate-and-hostility vitriol spread by sympathizers from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Israel bashers, and the Palestinian radicals.

“Their sole purpose is to call for the elimination of Israel,” she said. “They even sponsor Israel Apatheid Week, to sow the seeds of hatred and the demonization and boycotting of Israel. They hope to radicalize students, and by intimidation and threats of violence, thwart any resistance.”

Richterman cited case after case of bigotry and violence being used as propaganda tools to brainwash uninformed and naïve collegians; and how CAMERA had established 150 chapters across the land to combat these attacks with effective strategies and counter-mobilizations. She added that through Fellowships and grass roots “Emess (Truth) for Israel” activities, massive outreach programs had strengthened Jewish and non-Jewish awareness of the true intent of these anti-Israel campagners, and fostered the next generation’s pro-Israel leaders.

The next meeting of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County will take place on Thursday, June 4th, at the Atlantis Country Club at 6:30 p.m. Please bring a friend.

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